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Stéphanie Cauvin
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my meta project


Hey there and welcome to my meta project. I am Stephanie, PhD student in Psychology currently working in the Cognitive Aging Lab (CAL) at the University of Geneva. This website is an extension of my PhD research where I’ll be sharing infos on my PhD journey and studies in cognitive aging, more particularly in prospective memory and metacognition.


KNOW. Have you ever thought about your own thoughts? Then you were engaged in metacognitive processes. Metacognition is literally cognition about cognition: it includes knowledge about our own capabilities and enables us to reflect on the right strategies to adopt in various situations and contexts.


INTENT. How often did you forget to stop by the grocery store on your way home to buy this one ingredient you needed most? Or how many times did you forget to actually attach the file to your e-mail? We rely on Prospective Memory (PM) – memory for specific actions to be performed at determined moments in the future – on a daily basis. Don’t forget to wish your friend happy birthday tomorrow!


EXECUTE. How well do people carry out future intentions? What are the cognitive processes involved in the development and decline of prospective memory in a lifespan perspective? What is the role of metacognition in PM performance? These questions are addressed in lab-based studies as well as in more naturalistic tasks performed in everyday life.